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Pup of the year

Welcome to ScrubAPupKuna's Pup of the Year Contest! We've carefully selected the top 12 dogs from our monthly Pup of the Month contests, and now it's time for you to help us decide who will be crowned the ScrubAPupKuna Year-End Pup of the Year!

Starting July 1st, head over to to vote for your favorite pup. The pup with the most votes will be declared the year-end pup of the year and receive a scrub-a-pup gift card worth $150.

We know it will be a tough decision, with so many adorable pups to choose from! But we're excited to see which furry friend will come out on top. Don't forget to share the contest with your friends and family to help support your favorite pup!

Thank you for participating in our Year-End Pup of the Year Contest. We can't wait to see which pup will take home the prize! Don't forget to read the official contest rules for more information.

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